The Amazing Actualize Race

9th August 2021, 8:30AM

If you are reading this page then you are most likely on our very FIRST Amazing Actualize Race (AAR) held out of the box!

Game play:

Prior to the race, your team will be given a station to start. Head over to that station at your given start time to begin the race!


When you're at the station, click on the corresponding numbers in the map below to get your station instructions!


Stations can only be accessed on Monday, 9th Aug @ 8:25AM


Bonus Points!

Time to rack up some bonus points! Check out the cards below for your side missions.


Do I have to wear my mask throughout the event?

We seek your cooperation to please put on your masks when you reach the stations. BUT you may remove your masks when moving from station-to-station! Item 4(b)(ii) of TIGHTENING OF SAFE MANAGEMENT MEASURES FOR SPORT AND PHYSICAL EXERCISE & ACTIVITY UNDER PHASE 2 (HEIGHTENED ALERT) (22 JULY TO 18 AUGUST 2021) For organised programmes and classes that take place outdoors Unmasked activities including swimming, can take place with only two persons (including instructor), and there can be no multiple groups of 2. Dispensation may be approved at SportSG-operated facilities subject to strict enforcement of SMMs. Masked activities can take place in multiple groups of 2, up to 30 participants (including instructor) or the capacity limit of the venue, whichever is lower. The groups of 2 are not to intermingle before, during, and after the class, and must remain 3 metres apart.

What happens when I'm done with all the stations?

Send "I'm Done!" to us on Facebook ( to get a final question, which you will need to answer correctly in order to call "TIME". Thereafter, you will be done with your AAR challenge! Enjoy the rest of the public holiday!

Where can I put my belongings?

You will need to bring your belongings with you as you do the race! Travel light, and don't worry, water will be provided for you at each station.

Talk to us if you have any questions!