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Cass Lau
Cassandra Lau


CrossFit Level 2

Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Certificate Level 1

Crossfit Gymnastics Trainer

CrossFit Kids Certificate

"Show them impossible"

As long as she’s is in the gym, you WILL hear K-Pop on the radio.

Cass has always been active, doing a wide variety of sports, but "nothing really clicked". It was only through her hiatus that she discovered CrossFit, in a bid to remain active without the injuries from dance. And she kept with it, progressing from a member to a coach, and now one of the owners of Actualize CrossFit.

Her flair for Olympic Weightlifting, which she credits to her good hand-eye coordination from her dance days led her to participate in the Singapore Weightlifting Federation Open in 2019, earning a gold in her category. She eventually went on to obtain her coaching certification under Catalyst Athletics and now heads the Barbell Club.

She believes that all our actions and subsequently, achievements stem from our mindset. She believes that all programmes work. It's just about finding the one that works for you, and being determined to stick to it.

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