Latest COVID-19 Updates

These are trying times and we have come a long way in our journey with the lovely community that we serve. In the light of everything that is going on with the coronavirus, we are committed to look out for the best interests of our community as a whole. We have implemented safety measures in our newly minted location to create that safe space for all of you to return to your fitness routine.


Rest assured that we are monitoring developments closely.

Look out for updates to our class schedules as soon as possible in this space.

Onsite Safety Measures

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Self-directed online fitness and education programme

Real-time guided fitness programme accessible online

A holistic approach to fitness building on 6 key themes:

fitness, nutrition, sleep, recovery, community, and well-being


A collaboration to provide fitness for migrant workers



#ACFHomeWOD is a self-directed fitness and education programme for you and is easily accessible regardless of any type of physical environment. You can access our daily workouts through our social media platforms.


Workouts programmed are inclusive and can be scaled for anyone from youths to older adults, and even to COVID-19 survivors, with its sustainability being in making use of items which are available in each individual's home to pursue fitness.


WOD from Home

We bring your fitness routine to YOU. Check out what ZOOMfit (i.e. Fitness on ZOOM) is all about!

#WODfromHome is a play on “Work from Home” which is a real-time guided fitness class which individuals can easily access online. Workouts are led by our coaches on ZOOM, who will provide real-time feedback on participants’ form and technique, as well as safe movement adaptations based on the items available at home.


classes online currently on hold

Corporate classes available.

Email us to find out more!

Please refer to schedule periodically , subject to change with prior notice.


ACF360 Life Challenge

These times present challenges, but also opportunities. There are limitations on what we can do, and how we can connect with each other. But there is also time to focus on our well-being, and what is truly important.

The ACF360 Life Challenge (ACF360) is a holistic community event that builds on 6 key themes: fitness, nutrition, sleep, recovery, community, and well-being. Each day, participants get points for completing each of the key themes. These themes can help keep one socially connected, self-aware, and in-control of their daily activity. The end result of this effort can be profound, leaving one feeling healthy, physically strong, and more open to new experiences.


ACF Uplift

As important as it is to get the heart pumping, we must take care of the individual's physical recovery and mental state.

Through ACF Uplift we aim to bring restoration to the individual both mentally through education, and physically through flexibility and breathing exercises in ancillary programmes such as Yoga.

From May to June, we held Yoga on Zoom (Zoomga), every Saturday at 10:30AM.

We also had "spot the flaw" trivia questions posted up on our socials to teach our viewers how to perform good movement through observation and correction of technique flaws.


My Dorm Our Home

My Dorm Our Home (MDOH) is a project catalysed by COVID-19 situation, and a collaboration with ARDA International, Touch International, and Centurion Corp.


This project aims to enhance the social cohesion between migrant workers on a small group level in dormitories. The aim is to strengthen the communal and social-emotional resilience of migrant workers in dormitories during this COVID-19 period and to facilitate their eventual return to work by maintaining their level of physical fitness. 


ACF heads the content creation for the “Body” pillar of the project (the three pillars being: Body, Mind and Spirit), with the intention to facilitate a daily group exercise routine to improve physical fitness of the migrant workers. Videos will be provided by ACF, and the instructions on how to perform the exercises will be translated by the production team. This will be broadcast over the TVs in each dorm room.