Foo Yongsheng


CrossFit Level 2

Usually the first to greet you and check-in on you, this gentle beast goes silent when he is about to approach a bar. The only sound you’ll hear thereafter is akin to a locomotor going past (if you know then you know;)). That’s no surprise, since he believes that deeds speak louder than words.

Yongsheng, or YS for short, loves to throw heavy weights and a tire or two around. When he isn’t in the box, or at work, you know that YS is busy cooking up a storm, or perfecting a recipe he picked up a while ago-- and he doesn’t stop until he gets it just right.

YS has been doing CrossFit since he can remember, starting at the old Singapore Weightlifting Federation, where they shared a space with National Weightlifters. While the team was lifting sets and taking rest in between each set, here were a bunch of young men inviting questioning looks as they experimented with metcons. He recounts a time where he witnessed our Headcoach get abit sick after a workout (yes there was a time like that!).

YS has been part of the coaching team since our inception and has seen the community evolve. He always has the best at heart for the members and hopes to see Actualize make a difference in the lives of anyone and everyone who walks through our doors!