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Gabriel Lim
Gabriel Lim


CrossFit Level 1

Keep moving and celebrate your wins, no matter how small.

Gabriel’s claim to fame is appearing in The Straits Times Hot Bods, although he will deny it ever happened. However, bribe him with enough food and he might just show you the article.

Not many people know (or can tell), but he has actually had four major operations and was very sickly as a child. But through hard work and perseverance, Gabriel has managed to overcome this and is now living his fittest days.

Gabriel originally started CrossFit as a means to get stronger and fitter for Dragon Boat, but he fell in love with CrossFit’s ever-changing workouts and eventually went all-in into the sport, to focus and deepen his skills in CrossFit.

A little known fact about Gabriel is that he is a movie buff who loves films! You can count on him to name the cast of a film and even tell you little known fun facts about it.

Gabriel believes it’s not the body you’re born with that determines your fitness, it’s the time and dedication you put in that determines success.

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