Jason Wong


CrossFit Level 1

"If it doesn't make you scratch your head, you haven't been paying attention"

A founding member of Actualize CrossFit, Jason has since moved from coaching CrossFit classes to now fully immersed in the world of bodyweight, the programme which he leads at Actualize.
Jason is mostly found on his hands, his love for handstands he attributes to
Yong Sheng, who encouraged him to go into his first kick-up to a handstand ages ago. While you may think he LOVES the movement, Jason calls it a "love-hate relationship".


My own personal goal for handstands is achieving a one arm and then taking it as far as things can go!

While his area of interest mainly focuses on calisthenics, he believes that the awareness from bodyweight class will translate into other parts of CrossFit.

Jason hopes that beyond "getting a good sweat in", people will start to understand and more importantly, feel that training is part of a lifestyle. He believes that there is much more to be gained once one accepts at some deeper level that training is a powerful tool for both self expression and self exploration.

He also has hidden proof to back up his belief that cats are secretly the rulers of this planet, and we should be polite to them.