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Tan Kun Lan


CrossFit Level 1

Crossfit Gymnastics Trainer

BSc (Hon) Sports Science & Management

“With effort, discipline, and the openness to learn, you can master any skill!”


Having played badminton competitively since primary school, Kun always had an interest in sports and eventually picked up a variety of sports along the way, including squash, basketball, and softball. 


In 2016, she stumbled upon CrossFit while casually looking for something fun to do. Since then, she has grown both physically and mentally. Her interest to unlock new skills and the strong camaraderie within the community got her coming back for more. What started as a fun activity became a lifestyle. 


Kun strongly believes that training and rest are equally important for optimal performance. In 2018, she sustained a rotator cuff injury that caused her to reassess her training philosophy. From a 6-7 times a week training routine, mainly focusing on lifting heavy, Kun now spends more time working on her mobility, bringing in accessory work, with a focus on skill development, and technique refinement.


She hopes that with the knowledge that she has acquired, coupled with her own fitness journey, that she can cultivate a nurturing culture and empower others to reach their goals while ensuring their safety.

With Kun, you will never have any kun 难 (read: nán, i.e. difficulties) ;)

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