Norman Leow


CrossFit Level 1

"The only way to get better at running, is to run."

Norman started his CrossFit journey in 2016 with the intention to get improve his strength and fitness, which he needed for his day job as an army regular. His days would start even before the sun came up, but he would blast
 hip-hop music playing in the car to psyc himself up for the WOD to follow.

The sport helped Norman pass the physical tests that he was put to, and he accords the foundations of his physical condition to to CrossFit. Seeing the benefits and truth in the CrossFit methodology, Norman decided to take up the L1. Fast forward to 2020, Norman has found a home at Actualize, where he gives back to the community, and shares his interest in olympic lifting and years of experience in training and the sport to new members.

Norman may be silent, but ask him a couple of questions, and he has so much wisdom to share. He believes that high performance in any facet of life is paid for in blood, sweat and tears. Similarly, our physical fitness does not belong to us and we only lease it for a moment in time. We work hard, because we need to make the "payments" to continue being fit.