Terence Koh


CrossFit Level 1

"Do it only if it is fun. If it isn’t fun, do it until it becomes fun”.

Terence was looking for a non-contact activity, with an element of competition, hopefully one that may be just a little more exciting than a regular globo-gym workout.


Well, he got more than he bargained for when he started CrossFit. It was a refreshing challenge and he couldn’t turn down the chance to improve himself through CrossFit.

A sports event emcee by profession, he loves hyping participants at the start line and giving a grand welcome for every single finisher at the end point. Which is kinda what CrossFit is about too.

Terence has an admiration for fit, old people and aspires to stay active till a ripe old age. His wish is for the population at large to lead healthy, active lives and has decided to hop on the coaching team to learn even more from the best to benefit the rest.