• Kylie S

Actualize at Team Rumble SG

Actualize Crossfit participated in the very first Team Rumble Singapore, organised by InnervateFit in conjunction with Music for a Cause (MFAC).

The teams had a load of fun with the throwdown and meeting athletes from boxes across the country.


15 Rounds

7 Deadlifts

7 Burpee Over Bar

(Men's Rx : 190lbs, Women's Rx & Men's Scaled : 120lbs, Women's Scaled : 80lbs)

(In any order of rotation)


*Barbell Front Rack Hold

*Sandbag Carry

200 Box Jumps

(Barbell - Men's Rx : 140lbs, Women's Rx & Men's Scaled : 100lbs, Women's Scaled : 60lbs)

(Sandbag x 2 - Men's Rx : 90lbs, Women's Rx & Men's Scaled : 60bs, Women's Scaled : 30lbs)

(Box - Men's Rx & Scaled : 24", Women's Rx & Scaled : 20")

(ONLY WHEN the front rack hold and sandbag carry is in effect, then would the box jumps be counted, any order of rotation is permitted)


50m Sandbag Lunge

80 Sandbag Squats

150m Sandbag Burden Run

(Men's Rx : 90lbs, Women's Rx & Men's Scaled : 60bs, Women's Scaled : 30lbs)

*Each team is given 3 sandbags and the team is to move TOGETHER as one unit*

We faced a new implement, the sandbag, in two of the workouts. This was a challenge for the athletes as coordination, timing and communication was required to get across the line. But hey, what's crossfit if it isn't useful in every and any situation?

Proud of the athletes who gave it their all, through rain and/or shine, and for the many FIRSTS in this event!

Two of our teams are proudly sponsored by AgainFaster Singapore.

Peek the photos below!