Sarah Anne Tan


CrossFit Level 2

"Leave your ego at the door, there will always be someone better than you! - Stay humble, that’s the only way to learn. - Keep practicing, that’s the only way to improve. - Be open to feedback, even if it means you have to take a step back from what you want to push for. "

Watch out, this coach claims she has eyes at the back of her head. She will make sure that her athletes give their best at every workout, and will reward their efforts too.

​Having tried out every sport she could lay her hands on growing up, from martial arts to athletics and tennis, Sarah always found herself riddled with injuries. The eventual combination of this and increased responsibilities of growing up unfortunately meant she took a hiatus from physical activity.

It wasn’t until 2014 where two chance encounters made her realise something had been missing all along. The first was with the head coach of a CrossFit box, who told her “Everyone’s goal needs to start somewhere. The second, a speech by a former CrossFit games champion, Jason Khalipa, who encouraged  everyone to be open to experiences to find their confidence and to love and believe in themselves, accept challenges, and grow in the process (it is a long story. We encourage you to ask her about it!)

Needless to say, both instances left an indelible mark on Sarah. Soon after, she signed up for her first Crossfit Class, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Fast forward to 2019, where Sarah is both an experienced CrossFitter and relentless coach who strives to bring that very same mindset which inspired her to her community and athletes.