What is CrossFit?

Introduction to Crossfit



Everyone who has heard of CrossFit has their own mindset on what it delivers in terms of health and fitness. With so many different CrossFit boxes out there, is there one that will truly fit your schedule and fitness goals?

Actualize CrossFit conducts a 1-hour introductory session that will give you an overview of what CrossFit is all about, and dispels all the myths and doubts that you may have heard of. Thereafter, on our trainers’ endorsement of your aptitude, you will be able to join a regular class WOD with basic body weight movement.

*by appointment only.

Crossfit Fundamentals

Tuesdays & Thursdays

8:30 PM

The fundamentals class is 8 sessions of 1hour (happening every Thursday and Saturday) where the attendees will be taken through a comprehensive hands-on introductory learning module that includes:

  • 9 fundamental movements crucial to CrossFit;

  • Gymnastics;

  • Skill transfer exercises;

  • And accessory movements that are commonly seen in our daily workouts

In addition, the fundamentals class is for trainers to assess individual aptitude, their competency, and potential restrictions in athletes’ movement patterns.

Each fundamentals class will include an introduction of foundation movements explaining how to perform the movements safely and efficiently, accompanied by a demonstration, followed by group practice with trainer’s verbal and tactile cues.

The class concludes with a classic CrossFit WOD (workout of the day), integrating everything you have learned in a traditional high intensity cardiovascular and strength workout, also known as a METCON (metabolic conditioning).

*Note: make up classes are limited to 2 make up classes. Every additional class make up is $35.