CrossFit Level 1 

American Council on Exercise - Personal Training Certification

Group Fitness Instructor Certification 

TRX- Suspension Training (Level 1)

ASFA's Foam Rolling Instruction Certification

ASFA’s Kettlebell Instruction Certification

RYT-200 Yoga

"Be better than yesterday , take chances & live life! You grow through what you go through."

Often know as the ACF Amazonian, Zaf is known for her penchant to smash any workout, but not before doing a little dance to get ready.


Unbeknowst to many, Zaf is an introvert and finds that she best expresses herself through movement and sport. She has been moving long before she could remember, starting off in ballet then into netball and track and field, as a competitive athlete. She accords her physical and mental growth to her dedication and experience in the sport.


While she was in university, Zaf started taking up jobs as a fitness instructor on the weekends, teaching spinning, circuit training, and Les Mills programmes. She fell in love with teaching fitness, in meeting people and found herself feeding off the energy in every class.


She later stumbled into CrossFit, which took her a lot of courage to start, especially in a sport where females were allowed to lift heavy weights (not a concept many of us are used to). And like most of us, she got hooked. Constantly varied and challenging, the sport presented her with more challenges than she ever thought possible. Now she is a coach that is committed to help other athletes overcome those challenges themselves.


By day, Zaf works full-time in the Science industry and juggles between these commitments. Although she runs to and from coaching to research and teaching, she find joy in how her roles help her make a difference. These, she says, are the little incentives that drive her to attain excellence in whatever she puts her mind to.


Her mentor once told her “don’t tire of doing little things for others, because sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their heart.” At the end of the day, these roles do not stop at “making a living”, but rather “making a difference”.