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The Management Team

Presenting the soul of Actualize CrossFit, is some of Singapore’s most formidable lineup of everyday people, who come up with unusually good ideas and build better fitness than ever before.

Kylie Siu

Chief Idea Generator and Strategic Strategy Officer (CIGSSO)


If you were to tell Kylie 8 years ago she’d be CIGSSO of a successful Crossfit Affiliate, she would have definitely believed you. Her knack for brilliant ideas is also what led her to type a remarkable bio lacking any mention to previous work experience or career accolades. 

A curious student and kickass physiotherapist serving the community by day (she helms Thrive Healthcare), her penchant for taking care of people cascades into her desire to empower and inspire others, and make things that people don’t think they can do on their own happen.

Kylie's supergrandultimate goal is to challenge the status quo of the inefficiencies around her, and focuses her energy into thinking about how to accelerate that change. She takes great effort to drive the team forward in the vision that she charters, but promises that after an intense meeting that she will delicately wipe the sweat off her management teammates’ brows. 

In her spare time she’s enjoys secretly loading weights on other athletes’ barbells with the occasional mad cackle in her wake. Blink and you'll miss it.

Shaun Tan CK Coach
"CK" Shaun Tan
Jackie Mang Real Estate
Jackie Mang
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