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The Management Team

Presenting the soul of Actualize CrossFit, is some of Singapore’s most formidable lineup of everyday people, who come up with unusually good ideas and build better fitness than ever before.

"CK" Shaun Tan

Sir Stamford Actualize with Biceps (SSAB)


An early adopter of the sport, CK found himself hooked on the sport and started Actualize CrossFit in 2015 with the intention of helping others achieve fitness through an inclusive, safe and progressive coaching environment. 

A fatherly figure in ACF, he strongly believes that everyone has the innate potential to achieve their fitness goals regardless of where they are. You will often spot him in the box with Kopi-O in hand, squinting in observation of each athletes movement, and looking for opportunities to share his golden tips on how to move better and efficiently. CK is a proud head to his arms and legs -- an extraordinary league of passionate coaches alongside his turbo-powered management team. 

He bears the alias "Airplanttan" (you can follow his account on instagram) where he unleashes his secret Green Finger superpower to tend to his ever-growing collection of airplants, drawing lessons learnt from plant tending to coaching. "It's all about the balance," he quips. Just like how growing an airplant requires balancing sunlight, water and airflow, growing athletes requires the balancing of attention, supplying information and giving athletes the space to practice and learn. 

Previous office holding: executive committee of the JBA (Jalan Besar Actors) and AAC (All Arms Club)*. *update: both groups have been since disbanded

CK Tan, the Head Coach
"CK" Shaun Tan
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Jackie Mang
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