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We’ve got you covered.

The magic is in the movement,

the art is in the programming,

the science is in the explanation,

and the fun is in the community.

- Greg Glassman, CEO & Founder of



Fundamentals of CrossFit

Mechanics, Consistency, then Intensity.

At Actualize CrossFit, we place great importance on moving well and moving right. Coming to the gym isn't just about getting in a good sweat, but it is about setting a strong base as the foundation for longevity in fitness. BASE is where it all begins. 

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Corporate Fitness Classes

Improve corporate wellness with fitter, healthier, and happier employees!

The most natural way to boost employee morale.

Looking for activities that can build trust, ease communications, enhance collaboration and boost confidence through team bonding activities? Check out our corporate fitness class offerings here!



Olympic Weightlifting

LIFT, is an Olympic lifting program for the CrossFit weightlifter.

With a focus on proficiency, power, and strength, LIFT aims to get the individual comfortable with a barbell. In line with our philosophy of mechanics, consistency, then and ONLY THEN intensity, LIFT will look to build technique, before piling on the metal.Through LIFT, contact with the barbell should become second nature.

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CrossFit Gymnastics

MOUNT, is our Gymnastics for CrossFit class. ​

At MOUNT, we aim to bridge the gap between a good and a great athlete, introducing efficiency and understanding into your gymnastics, giving you the tools to get that elusive movement. We seek empowermentshifting your mindset from being resigned to scaling options when faced with a gymnastic component in a workout, to having the confidence to RX the workout.

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Open Gym


Open Gym is the time and space for you to practice and perfect the skills you learn in class.

This is a session for anyone who wants to get in a workout or have some time to practice skills out of the class hour. This is a coach-supported session, where athletes come in to work on their skills/do workouts at their own pace. The coach on duty is available to provide guidance and support to athletes who need help with their workouts or skill progressions.

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CrossFit for the Older Adult

Masters, is a class for the older adult with the goal of improving the quality of one's remaining years of life.

This is a Structured class Led by Qualified Coaches tailored for those aged 55 years and above, looking for a safe and effective way improve functional movement in activities of daily living. We bring you through exercises and movements to progressively strengthen your muscles, and rebuild that foundation you need to keep you resilient well into your later years.

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CrossFit for Kids

Titans, is a class started with the aim of making fitness fun for the next generation.

It's never too early to start! That is why we started Titans, to build the foundations of movement for our children, to be ready for sport in any form through their lives. At our classes, we pair fitness with fun, to set our next generation on a path towards lifelong fitness.

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A place for trial and error, and to chart your own journey.

LAB, is your testing ground.

LAB is split into seminar classes where we bring in coaches and trainers who are specialised in their fields to share their expertise. These classes will help you hone in on your skills, or may even be a new activity altogether.

The bottom line: Have fun, and don't be afraid to look silly.



Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity

Simply put, CrossFit is the epitome of fitness. 

Crossfit is the perfect programme for you no matter your current experience or fitness goals. Workouts combine a variety of functional movements - everything from cardio and gymnastics to olympic lifting. CrossFit prepares you for life. We train to be generally physically prepared, and we seek to garner a level of fitness that prepares you for the known and unknown.

Starter Programmes
Corporate Class
Open Gym
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