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Alvin Chen


CrossFit Level 1


"Do better!"


If you hear country music playing in the gym, Alvin is probably there.


Sports has always been a part of Alvin's life from a young age. He was on many sports teams growing up, including football (soccer), rugby, swimming, volleyball, badminton, and gymnastics to name a few. Alvin was first introduced to CrossFit in university in 2008, while on the Georgia Tech (go Yellow Jackets!) rugby team. The coach, who was the founder and owner of CrossFit Atlanta (Georgia's first and oldest CrossFit affiliate), incorporated many CrossFit workouts into the team's fitness regimen.


Since then, CrossFit has been an integral part of Alvin's life, even as he moved to Germany and eventually Singapore. It's really the community aspect of CrossFit (not to mention his very competitive nature) that keeps him doing CrossFit after all these years.


Alvin has always wanted to coach and help other people by sharing his wealth of experiences. He had actually already taken the CrossFit Level 1 certification back in 2010 (which expired in 2015), but due to the nature of his jobs which required him to travel, he was never in a position to be able to have a stable schedule in order to become a coach.


Fun fact: Alvin has a quilt made out of all the t-shirts that he has gathered throughout the years of dropping into other CrossFit gyms.

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