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Clifford Actualize
Clifford Yow


CrossFit Level 1

B(Sc) Sport Science and Management

AUSTSWIM Teacher of:

- Swimming and Water Safety

- Competitive Strokes

- Infant and Preschool Aquatics

“Be better than you were yesterday”


A familiar face at the lunch-time classes, Clifford's Question of the Day (QOD) would always be “What’s for lunch?”

Clifford first started doing CrossFit back in 2015 while he was an exchange student in Canada as he wanted to find a way to stay active while being overseas.


For someone that strives to be a well-rounded individual, the idea of “constantly varied, functional fitness” appealed to him as he hoped to be stronger, faster and fitter.

Clifford has been active since young, starting off as a competitive Wushu athlete during his schooling days, and even picked up marathon running during his time in national service and university.

He is also a swimming coach with his own team of coaches, where he takes immense pride and joy in helping people, young and old, transit from novice to competent swimmers.

Having a degree in Sport Science and Management, Clifford hopes to spread the word of health and wellness to everyone. He feels that it is important for everyone to be as active as possible to prevent the onset of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes - something that the CrossFit methodology emphasizes as well.

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