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Corporate Fitness Classes

Studies have shown that corporate fitness programmes result in healthier and happier employees, and increased cost savings!

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Corporate fitness programmes have been shown to help you and your team:


Corporate wellness programmes have shown to save significant costs for the company, not only in healthcare expenses, but lowers time lost due to absenteeism.

Tailored to 60-75min Program

"No time" is no longer an excuse for not working out. Get the most out of your time with a workout that builds strength and invests in your health in the long term!

Movement Progression as a Team

Harness the power of fun, friendly, team-based competition to build healthy habits with measurable results.

Companies we have worked with:


Information about the programme

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60-70 min per session

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1 Session: $50/pax, min 4 pax to Go!

8 Sessions: $45/pax (Package Deal)

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Qualifications & Safety


Our corporate classes are programmed by our experienced team of coaches. Movements are tried and tested, and the environment is set up to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and safety. At Actualize CrossFit, our coaches take tremendous pride in administering a programme that is safe, fun, and effective for everyone, no matter their current level of fitness.

Build a resilient team with a fitness programme that works.

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We can customize corporate classes according to your team's dynamics and needs. Let's have a chat!

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