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Arno the Coach


CrossFit Level 2

"Get one percent better - do you accessories" 


Arno joined Actualize in 2016, in our first year at Jalan Besar. Starting as an athlete, he has become a coach. By day, Arno excels as a Agile Coach and Ops Manager, while also wholeheartedly embracing his role as a full-time dad to his toddler Coby, who is soon going to be a big brother to a little sister.


At the crack of dawn, you'll find Arno at the box, coaching and sweating it out with the Actualize Morning Crew at 6:30AM. After 5 years of coaching it was time to upgrade to the L2 certification to deepen his understanding of the sport he loves and to assist others on their fitness journey. 


Arno firmly believes in the power of accessory work, attributing his own progress to these often-overlooked aspects of the sport. For him, CrossFit not only provides the ultimate physical and mental preparation for a demanding day but also offers a remarkable community here at Actualize. Coaching is his way of giving back and being a part of something truly special. Join Arno on a transformative fitness adventure, where he'll unlock your true strength and guide you towards growth and success.

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