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The CrossFit Open

The ACF Open

What is the ACF Open?

For a few of us, it is a ticket to the Quarterfinals and greater competition. For most of us it is a good benchmark to your daily commitment towards greater health and fitness. At Actualize CrossFit, we use this as an opportunity to bring the community together through a friendly intra-box competition, the ACF Open!

There really is no better way than to experience the Open than with a group of friends who will cheer you on and give you the best tips to tackle those Open workouts. Plus, you will find yourself growing more as an athlete in your fitness on the box floor these three weekends! #openmagic ✨


18 January - Registration for the ACF Open

10 February - Close of the ACF Open Registration @ 5PM

13 February - Find out your ACF Open Teams

17 - 20 February - OPEN 23.1

24 - 27 February - OPEN 23.2

03 -  06 March - OPEN 23.3

12 March - OPEN "23.4" After Party @ 12:30PM

The Worldwide CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open is hosted across affiliates globally in home gyms in their own way. Whether you are a competitive athlete or an everyday Jane/Joe, the workouts can be experienced by you.

The ACF Open Moments

Let's create some memories together

Join the ACF Open

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