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Lim Zheng Jie


CrossFit Level 1

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

"Moving with good technique is not just a skill; it is an art."


Zheng Jie has always been an avid sportsman since his schooling days. He played volleyball in secondary school, and then devoted much of his time in junior college training for canoeing, dragon boating, and running. During those years, he discovered a particular penchant for sports biomechanics; he saw beauty in moving with good technique for any sport.


In 2017, Zheng Jie was in Israel for an internship organized by his university and wanted to keep fit amidst his busy schedule there. It was there that he stumbled upon Crossfit: the quick 1-hr class format, structured programming, multitude of movements to learn, community spirit, and personalized coaching style appealed very much to him. He thoroughly enjoyed his classes there, and decided to carry on doing Crossfit when he returned to Singapore.


When training, Zheng Jie often likes to video himself performing the different movements, analyze them for technical flaws, and find the most effective cues to correct them. This keen interest in movement correction, coupled with his love for Crossfit, spurred him to become a coach at ACF. He believes that moving well is key to unlocking our true potential, and he finds joy in helping others do so. With an analytical mind honed from his previous job as a defence engineer, you can count on Zheng Jie to provide quality coaching with attention to detail.

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