BASE is the 101 of CrossFit.

Here at Actualize, we want to empower you with the know-how and skills to move safely and efficiently. BASE is the best place for you to learn new skills to enter into this world of CrossFit.

Do I have to be fit to start?

NO! The CrossFit program is beautiful because it is scalable for anyone and everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.. At Actualize CrossFit, our coaches take tremendous pride in administering a program that is safe, fun, and effective for everyone, no matter their current level of fitness.


Come as you are, but be prepared to leave each day a better version of yourself.

Want to learn more?

There's no better way to describe this programme than for you to experience it yourself. It doesn't matter if this is day one of your fitness journey or if you’re a professional athlete – we can get you started today. The best way to begin your journey is to call, email, or stop by our box! We look forward to hearing from you!

These are the dates for

February's BASE classes:

Mon. Wed. Fri @ 7:30PM

Lesson 1 (Monday):
Lesson 2 (Wednesday):
Lesson 3 (Friday):
Lesson 4 (Monday):
Lesson 5 (Wednesday):
Lesson 6 (Friday):

15th Feb 2021
17th Feb 2021
19th Feb 2021
22nd Feb 2021
24th Feb 2021
26th Feb 2021

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