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BASE - CrossFit Fundamentals


A workshop that will get you started on

Making Fitness Your Reality

BASE is our private, small-group, immersive workshop where you will learn the fundamentals of crossfit.


Receive Individualised Coaching

Actualize your fitness goals through personalised coaching in a small-group setting.

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Learn Safe Movement Mechanics

Our experienced coaches will guide you to move safely from start to finish.


Make Friends that

Last a Lifetime

Be part of a fun and engaging community of individuals who are dedicated to the same journey!

What can I expect at my class?




Arrive 10 minutes early and get acquainted with the gym. Our staff will be available to answer any questions you may have about the gym and our workouts.




Learn the fundamental movements of CrossFit, and how to move safely and efficiently. 




Our friendly coaches will guide you to make changes to your lifestyle that will lead to sustainable outcomes for your health in and out of the gym.

Information about the workshops

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Our 90-minute workshops run on:

Tuesdays, 7PM

Saturday, 12:30PM

*We have personal training options for BASE as well at YOUR convenience. Drop us a message to arrange for a no-sweat intro!

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Qualifications & Safety


The Actualize CrossFit BASE workshop is programmed and led by one of only three Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainers in Singapore.  At Actualize CrossFit, our coaches take tremendous pride in administering a programme that is safe, fun, and effective for everyone, no matter their current level of fitness.

Come as you are, but be prepared to leave each day
a better version of yourself.

Contact Us

Reserve a spot!

We have BASE classes every month. Find a date that works for you by leaving a message below!

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