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ACF Turns 7

We can hardly believe that we are 7!

We celebrated out 7th Anniversary on the 3rd of September, with 6 events leading up to the day, and carnival games in between! Families and friends showed up, old and new faces made their appearance, and we are thankful that we are able to have been part of the lives of everyone here!

It's a challenge ever year to plan for the anniversary. What could we do DIFFERENT this year, that would have the element of competition, and FUN? Plus... Would Singapore enter into another lockdown? We had to be prepared for that possibility.

With that, we organized online events for teams of 2 leading up to the final day, and with our fingers crossed, we planned for an in-person gathering with the box community!

As the first large-scale community event post-pandemic, we thought we should travel through time through previous anniversaries and showing our new members what ACF has done through the years. The events leading up to ACFTurns7 were modelled after events done in that year!