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ACF Turns 7

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

We can hardly believe that we are 7!

We celebrated out 7th Anniversary on the 3rd of September, with 6 events leading up to the day, and carnival games in between! Families and friends showed up, old and new faces made their appearance, and we are thankful that we are able to have been part of the lives of everyone here!

It's a challenge ever year to plan for the anniversary. What could we do DIFFERENT this year, that would have the element of competition, and FUN? Plus... Would Singapore enter into another lockdown? We had to be prepared for that possibility.

With that, we organized online events for teams of 2 leading up to the final day, and with our fingers crossed, we planned for an in-person gathering with the box community!

As the first large-scale community event post-pandemic, we thought we should travel through time through previous anniversaries and showing our new members what ACF has done through the years. The events leading up to ACFTurns7 were modelled after events done in that year!


We had 3 sets of AMRAP 1 (as many rounds and reps as possible) of 3 different movements:

  • Burpees

  • Pull-Ups

  • Airsquats

Thus we came up with a partner version that could be done online:

AMRAP 1 Burpee to Plate


Our second anniversary was a fun one! We had people submit random movements into a box, and we would structure face-offs based on the movements drawn from the box. This was modelled after "the Hopper", a drum that would churn out movements at random (much like a lottery machine).

The essence of this model is the view that fitness is about performing well at any and every physical task imaginable. Picture a hopper loaded with an infinite number of physical challenges, where no selective mechanism is operative, and being asked to perform feats drawn at random. (

We thus created a workout, loosely modelled after "the Hopper" WOD, bearing in mind that this should be doable by BOTH the scaled and RX'd athlete.

2(A) AMRAP 2:

5 Abmat Sit-Ups

7 Hand Release Push-Ups

9 Air Squats

2(B) Straight into, For Time:

42 cal row (MM) / 30 cal row (FF) / 37 cal row (MF)


We took to Social Media to launch this challenge.

The brief? Present 3 workout/Actualize-related topics in a fun and creative way! We saw so many videos come in that were really funny, encapsulating the spirit and community of Actualize CrossFit!


For our 4th anniversary, we had a series of face-offs. That year, the coaches face-off was solving sudoku on our hands. This year, we used the popular Wordle as our medium. Participants had 5 minutes to solve the famous 5-word combination for the day, with the partners helping at the side.

Who said CrossFit was all brawn? It's an all-rounded fitness routine for good reason too 😉


This one was a fun one. Rather than the CrossFit total that tests strength, the Gymnastic total is accessible as a bodyweight test.

In our rendition of The Gymnastic Total, teams will have to complete the following movements:

Accumulate 2 min Bar Hang

Accumulate 1.5 min Ring Dip Hold

Accumulate 2 min Elbow Plank Hold

*Time cap: 7 mins


For our 6th Anniversary, we had teams of 6 compete together, following the government's guidelines of 1 + 5 visitors to homes. It was nice having gatherings even of that size again, after a drought of small gatherings, and to commemorate the unique situations that the pandemic had put us in, we brought teams of 6 BACK!

Team of 6 - Don’t Drop the Ball!

1 round of:

1 round Hanging Medball Pass

1 round 6-way Partner Wallball Shots

1 round Russian Twists

@ 4kg wallball

*Timecap: 5 mins


We even did a giveaway with a guess of which was the coach that dropped off first off the bar. Take a guess!


With celebrations back in the box on the 3rd of September, we had heats laid out with spectators cheering from the sides.


7 (A): Team of 2, AMRAP 7

7 Wall Ball 6/4 kg

14 Alt DB Snatch 15/10 kg

7 Box Jump/Step Up24/20"

*At "3,2,1 Go" athlete runs out to complete 7 Wall Ball, followed by 14 Alt DB Snatch, and 7 Box Jump/Step Up.

*Athlete may switch before completing a full round. All reps for movement have to be completed and Athlete has to cross over the start line (both feet) before the next working athlete runs out to start the next movement.

7(B): Team of 2, AMRAP 3

Single DB Burpee Deadlift @ 15/10 kg

To keep e=the energy high, we also had events every hour at level 2.

Medball and foam roller bowling, pin the item on the athlete, and ski erg rowling, were some ways that athletes could earn more points as a team. The "Pin the item" game heard roars of laughter, with blindfolded athletes spun around 10x and given just 60 seconds to pin the accessory of choice on the respective athlete.

They had to do so with their partner's voice to guide them, amidst the distractions from the other athletes.

We're also thankful to our sponsors for supporting the event with prizes! ArmourUp Asia, Snack Guru, The Bold.Co, Mulawear, and Lush, made their appearances with discount codes and goodie bags for the athletes and prize winners.

Congratulations to the teams that placed top 3, and to our special prize winner, "Kristal needs another Shaower", for their witty play on the names of their team members, Kristal and Shaowei! We hope you like the prizes!

It was truly a blast, to see everyone back and having fun as a community, and we can't wait to host the next event!

In collaboration with Spoilmrkt.

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