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How Physical 100 has proven that CrossFit is a sport that produces all-rounded athletes

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Part of the wave of Physical 100 fans yet?

Popular Korean reality series Physical 100 aired its season finale on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 and the internet has been abuzz with #CrossFit as a trending term since revealing the winner.


Physical 100 is Netflix's first Korean reality survival series, where 100 contestants who can be considered the top athletes in their fields compete in a series of gruelling tests of strength, mental fortitude and endurance with the hope of being the sole survivor of the fittest.

Of the 100 -- a mix of former-Olympians, mixed-martial arts (MMA) fighters, body builders, fitness influencers, ex-military, and CrossFitters, contestant Woo Jin-Young was an underdog throughout the competition. He won individual and team events to get to the final five, and eventually came out top in the competition. He accords his victory to his CrossFit training regime and his prior experience as a competitive snowboarder.

Woo Jin Young, winner of Physical 100

While there are a number of CrossFit athletes, interestingly enough, it is the LADIES are rocking the sport and making a statement on air.

Other notable CrossFit athletes in the show:

Jang Eun-Sil, CrossFitter & Wrestler. The only female athlete to be a team leader and brought her team to victory!

Seo Ha Yan, CrossFitter and Coach. She was the only athlete to support Jang Eun Sil going into the event. Famous for saying "It's just like CrossFit, we do not know what to expect."

Hwang Bit Yeo Ul (left) held on the longest on the bar in the bonus event for Physical 100. It you haven't yet tried out this test... are you even a Physical 100 fan?

How does CrossFit fit into all of this?

Physical 100 shows that CrossFit is more than just an exercise regimen; it's a culture that helps strengthen every aspect of an individual's health and performance.

As a sport, CrossFit has been around since 2000 when Greg Glassman founded it at his gym in Santa Cruz California after becoming frustrated with the lack of rigor he saw in other exercise programs. Since then, it has grown exponentially into an international community with over 15 million people practicing some form of CrossFit today.

CrossFitters are known for being extremely passionate about their workouts because they not only help them get stronger physically but mentally as well.

Crossfit in 6 words:

"Constantly varied functional movement at high intensity" — It says it all, but it's so much more.

While competition and joining the "Physical 100" may not be on everyone's mind, CrossFit is a sport for EVERYONE, not just the athlete.

CrossFit is a sport that produces all-rounded athletes. Not only do you get strong and fit, but you also get to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow CrossFitters. The Physical 100 is a competition that showcases the best of the best in terms of athleticism, strength and speed. But it's important to remember that this isn't something everyone should strive for--and if you don't want to compete in anything like this, then don't!

The point here is that even if you aren't interested in becoming an elite athlete or winning competitions like these, CrossFit's benefits extends beyond the physical, but provides improved mental health and social connections as well.

Functional movements: CrossFit uses functional movements, which are exercises that mimic movements performed in daily life, such as lifting, pushing, pulling, and squatting. This can help improve overall fitness and performance in everyday activities.

Varied: CrossFit incorporates a wide range of exercises, from weightlifting to gymnastics to cardio, strategically varying the workout stimulus so you’re prepared for any and all physical tasks — but it does mean you’ll never get bored.

High Intensity: CrossFit workouts are typically high-intensity, meaning they involve short bursts of maximum effort followed by brief periods of rest. This can help improve cardiovascular fitness and burn calories more effectively than traditional steady-state cardio.

Community: CrossFit gyms are known for their supportive and inclusive community, which can provide motivation and accountability for participants.

Infinitely Scalable: CrossFit workouts can be scaled to accommodate people of all fitness levels and abilities, making it accessible to a wide range of people. We even have classes for kids and older adults, proving that it is a sport for people of every age and ability.

Ready to get started on your Crossfit journey?

With Physical 100, Netflix has proven that CrossFit is a sport that produces all-rounded athletes. CrossFit is not just for those who want to compete; it's also for those who simply want to stay in shape and live a healthier lifestyle.

You can get started on your CrossFit journey as soon as today! Drop us a message or email us at today and we would love to meet with you to help you get closer towards those fitness goals!

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