An investment in fitness is an investment in yourself.

No matter what your level of fitness is, we have a plan for you.

Fitness with friends
New to CrossFit

For the budding CrossFitter

CrossFit Gymnastics

Make your fitness a reality

High Intensity Interval Training
Visiting Actualize

Exploring the country and looking for a box to drop-in?

Gym Training
New to CrossFit

Starting your journey in fitness has never been this easy. Join our CrossFit Fundamentals workshops today!

2 immersive workshops, with personalised coaching, held every Tuesday and Thursday.

$ 170

Strength Training for women
ACF Limited

If you want a good healthy dose of fitness worked into your weekly routines. Access to all our classes up to 3x a week.









ACF Unlimited

For the die-hard CrossFit fanatic. Can't get enough of a 3x a week package? Get access to our all our classes, anytime, all the time.









Other Offerings
10-Class Pass

Unpredictable work/life hours? Want to get started on CrossFit but not yet into a schedule? This pass gives you access to 10 classes over a 3-month period.

10-session pass


Student Unlimited

Calling all full-time students of local institutions! Show us your pass for this sweet deal!



Open Gym

Want some space and time to work on your technique? Come in for our Open Gym. Full access to facilities. Off-peak hours only.

Single Session

Monthly Pass

(1-month validity)



CrossFit for Kids Games

Looking for a fun and fit community for your child? We offer CrossFit for kids in 10-session passes, to ensure that we can follow them through this journey of fitness.

10-session pass





CrossFit for Seniors Singapore

Led by the physiotherapists at Thrive Healthcare, we offer Singapore's only physiotherapist-led CrossFit programme. Get your loved ones started on this fitness journey today!

Trial Class (1st session only)


8-session pass


Visiting Actualize

Interested to try out our programmes? Visiting from overseas for a single class? Then this may be for you.

Single Class Pass


Weekly Pass

Looking for new gym to join? Or maybe you're in town and want to continue your fitness routine? This pass gives you access to any class within a week.

1-week class


Strength and Conditioning