An investment in fitness is an investment in yourself.

No matter what your level of fitness is, we have a plan for you.

New to CrossFit

For the budding CrossFitter

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Make your fitness a reality

Visiting Actualize

Exploring the country and looking for a box to drop-in?

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Personal Training

For one-on-one sessions for fitness and/or nutrition coaching

New to CrossFit

CrossFit Fundamentals

3 classes, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

$ 270

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ACF Limited

If you want a good healthy dose of fitness worked into your weekly routines. Access to all our classes up to 3x a week.









ACF Unlimited

For the die-hard CrossFit fanatic. Can't get enough of a 3x a week package? Get access to our all our classes, anytime, all the time.









Other Offerings
10-Class Pass

Unpredictable work/life hours? Want to get started on CrossFit but not yet into a schedule? This pass gives you access to 10 classes over a 3-month period.

10-session pass


Student/NSF Unlimited

Full-time students or in National Service? Show us your pass for this sweet deal!



Open Gym

Want some space and time to work on your technique? Come in for our Open Gym. Full access to facilities. Off-peak hours only.

Single Session

Monthly Pass

(1-month validity)



Visiting Actualize

Interested to try out our programmes? Visiting from overseas for a single class? Then this may be for you.

Single Class Pass


Traveller's Pass

For Travelling CrossFitters only. Access to any class within a week. Remember to contact us to reserve a slot!

1-week class


Personal Training

Customized fitness plans to make your fitness a reality


Why should I hire a personal trainer?

While you may already be working out in your own capacity through regular CrossFit classes or in your home gym, there are a few reasons why you might not be seeing the best results, which can include the following:

Hourglass - Time

Time Constraints

You have limited time each day to work out, and the current classes offered at the gym do not fit your schedule.


Injury Prevention

Exercises aren’t being performed correctly and you’re not activating the correct set of muscles.

Low Battery - Low Motivation

Lack of Motivation

You need that extra motivation and guidance to meet your fitness goals.

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Hard to Progress

You find it hard to move forward or you have plateaued with training becoming less effective

Getting the most out of your hour.

We live in a world where we have many responsibilities but limited time and resources. Fitness can and should be an important part of our lives but how do we meet these goals with the time that we have?

With a personal trainer, you will receive:


Personalised Plan

Meet your fitness goals through a plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Optimize Schedule

Optimize Your Schedule

Maximize your training to reach your goals faster.


Complete Guidance

We take away the planning and guesswork. All you have to do is show up.


Getting started is easy.


Come for your first session where we will learn about your goals and we’ll take it from there.



Follow our programme which is customized just for you, with guidance from our coaches.



Watch yourself get fitter, and more confident as you take the next step on your fitness journey.

Choose a plan that suits your lifestyle

Now you can work with us at our facility, at home, or online from anywhere in the world, and we will tailor the perfect personal training plan around your unique goals to achieve the results you want.

In-Person Training
Hybrid Personal Training
Head Coach

Single Session

8 Sessions

(4-month validity)



12 Sessions

(6-month validity)



Single Session

8 Sessions

(4-month validity)



12 Sessions

(6-month validity)


A personal trainer can help you curate a training programme which will help you reach your goals faster.


With a personal trainer, you can optimize your schedule and training efficiency by getting the most out of your hour. ​


Your fitness journey starts with a single step. Book a session with us now!


Our personal training rates vary according to the coaching grades. Prices start from those listed here. We do offer multiple packages of personal training to best suit your needs and budget.

In-Person Training
6 July 2021 - Rates
Hybrid Personal Training
Why Hybrid Personal Training?​


While we continue to see the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that struck us globally at the end of 2019, many are adapting to this "new normal". With more people working from home, we have developed a hybrid personal training package which brings together in-person training at our facility and self-guided workouts that can be done at home.

The hybrid model has elements similar to the in-person service, and you can expect to have a movement assessment and goal-setting session at the beginning of your sessions with your coach. Thereafter, your coach will write you a customised programme that you can do at your own time, and will have an in-person check-in with you once a month.


Number of in-person sessions per month

Weekly video call check-ins

Online support

Customised workout programme




Nutrition Coaching

Head Coach price per month


Coach price per month




*minimum 3 months commitment to hybrid packages.

*Prices start from those listed above.

This model is the perfect programme for those of you who want flexibility in your gym schedule as you balance the responsibilities of work and life, while striving to keep up your fitness routine.


Let us help you and work around your schedule to meet your needs. Find out more!