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ACF Turns 6: Ready Player 6?

YESSSS We've hit the 6-year milestone!


Teams have been released and the workouts are underway! In the mean time, keep checking back on this space for event updates and details to the events to rack up those points!


There are 3 mini-events for you to attempt from 6th to 26th September!

  • 📷 ME6.1: Divide and conquer to take a selfie with your coaches! The more you capture, the more points you get. (and bonus points for our rarest Pokémon)

  • 👯ME6.2: We don't get many opportunities to meet across the classes, so here's a chance for you! Organize a team gathering at someone's place, or even do a class together!

  • 👋🏻ME6.3: We reminisce the good ol' #circuitbreaker days with the epic #NoHandBurpee Challenge! This time, 3 members must attempt to get the most number of no-hand burpees in 90 seconds. Remember to put MANY mats on the floor! We have folders for each of your teams in the Google Drive (link will be sent to you).

Submissions close 26th September at 1200hrs.


Team of 3


35 Double Unders/50 Single Unders

20 Dumbbell Ground-to-Overhead

15 Wallballs

Workout Description

Before starting the workout, athletes must confirm with their judges if they are doing double unders or single unders. Once decided, no changes can be made midway during the workout, i.e. if an athlete calls for double unders from the beginning, single unders done between reps will not count to their total score.

The workout begins with Athlete A on standby with their skipping ropes, while Athletes B & C wait behind the start line*. At the call of “3, 2, 1… go!”, Athlete A will commence on the skips. On the judges call of the final rep of the 35 double unders or 50 single unders, Athlete B will enter the workout area and proceed with the Dumbbell Ground-to-Overhead. He/she may clean and jerk or snatch the dumbbell, as long as both heads of the dumbbell touch the ground and his/her arm reaches full extension at the top. Once all 20 reps are complete, Athletes A/B & C will start on the synchro wallballs.

As soon as the synchro wallballs have been completed, the team will proceed with the next round of skips, so on and so forth. The cycle will continue until the clock reaches the 12-minute mark.

Teams may swap out their athletes in any order through the workout. There is no requirement to follow a fixed order for each team. Athletes may do movements back-to-back (i.e. go straight from the skips to the DB ground-to-overhead). However, once an athlete begins a movement, he/she must complete it before the next athlete takes over.

Every rep counts in this workout. The team’s score will be the total number of points from the total completed rounds and reps. Each synchronized wallball will count as one rep.

*Non-working athletes must wait behind the start line and may only enter the workout area when the previous athlete completes his/her final rep of the movement.

Full workout description and scoresheet here:

6.1 - Workout Description & Scoresheet
Download PDF • 456KB


Team of 2


00:00-02:00 - Max Weight Pressed (Shoulder-to-Overhead)

02:00-04:00 - Max Wall Walks

Rest 1 min (04:00-05:00)


05:00-07:00 - Max Weight Front Squat

07:00-09:00 - Max Gymnastic Pulling

Rest 1 min (09:00-10:00)


10:00-12:00 - Max Weight Deadlifted

12:00-14:00 - Max Abmat Sit-Ups