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#Phase2 Again: On-site Safety Measures (as of 10 August 2021)

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Hey Team! Thank you for your patience in waiting this out with us, whilst entrusting us with your fitness during this uncertain period. In line with the COVID-19 measures by the Multi-Ministry Task Force, we have made adjustments to our on-site measures to facilitate contact tracing while ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety for all of you.

ACF is required to implement Vaccination-Differentiated SMMs (VDS) on-site to continue serving you. We have designated classes for vaccinated and non-vaccinated athletes, which will be updated periodically as more athletes get fully vaccinated here.

We seek your understanding and cooperation to work together to ensure that the community and the box is kept safe whilst we work together to pursue fitness.🙏🏻

No Chill Policies & On-site Safety Measures

We call these "No Chill Policies" because it may seem like an overreaction and a serious case of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) but we have to be extra-vigilant in these times. We PROMISE you we didn't make these rules up. It's here if you don't believe us.

No Chill Policy #1: Wearing of Masks

Wearing of masks are mandatory for Coaches and Athletes whilst on the premises, including when performing the physical activity.

No Chill Policy #2: No Loitering

Please only arrive 5 mins prior to the start of your class, and leave the premises within 10 mins once class is over.

No Chill Policy #3: Safe distancing measures

Athletes will be sorted into groups of 2, with 3m spacing between athletes.

No Chill Policy #4: Keep your TraceTogether Tokens together!

When grouped together in class, ensure that you and your buddies Tracetogether tokens/devices are kept together to reflect group arrangement.

*Where the activity permits (e.g. for spin classes), participants are to carry their devices such as TT Tokens to aid contact tracing. Even if an activity does not allow carriage of such devices, operators and instructors are to take steps to place the devices together to reflect group arrangement.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered “fully vaccinated?”

Individuals are considered fully-vaccinated if they meet any of the following conditions:

  1. Received the full regimen of the Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty and Moderna vaccines, or any of the World Health Organisation’s Emergency Use Listing (WHO EUL) vaccines, such as Sinovac-CoronaVac, Sinopharm, and AstraZeneca, with an additional two weeks for the vaccine to be fully-effective.

  2. Recovered from Covid-19.

  3. Obtained a negative result from PET, with the test being taken in the past 24 hours before the expected end of the event.

As soon as you are fully-vaccinated, please update the form and update your status and upload your documents of proof here:

Who can remove masks during class?

Fully-vaccinated OR PET negative (within 24 hours) athletes & coaches attending a vaccinated class.

Can vaccinated athletes attend classes designated for non-vaccinated athletes?

Vaccinated athletes can attend non-vaxxed classes but are subject to the class measures. Unvaccinated athletes however, cannot attend classes designated for vaxxed athletes.

What if I need to use my phone to video my movements/reply a message?

As per the latest guidelines, ACF must take necessary steps to ensure that TraceTogether tokens or devices are placed together for groups to aid contact tracing.

There are two options available to you!

  1. You may bring along your TraceTogether Token instead to group with the other athlete's token/device, OR

  2. Ensure that your buddy's token/phone is in close proximity to where you set up your phone.

Why is my coach coaching with his/her mask off?

Fully vaccinated or FET-negative coaches are permitted to coach the class with their masks off! So don’t be surprised when you finally see the face of your coach:)

Why am I being asked to verify my vaccination status. Haven’t I already submitted my information?

You may be asked more than once by our coaches on-site to verify your status as the information we have on hand may not be up to date.

We seek your patience with us as we are also learning to adapt to this situation as much as you are!

We are very thankful to be able to have all of you back at the box and will continue to do our best to provide everyone with the support you may need to continue pursuing fitness.

Let's do our part to work towards that light at the end of the tunnel!

For more updates to our measures, keep an eye out on our socials. It's all here.

*Updated on 14 August 2021

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