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Singapore gyms, fitness studios stay cautious despite relaxed Covid-19 measures

... Other fitness outfits like Actualize Crossfit in Jalan Besar said it is focused on instilling a culture of safety among its users and staff.

Despite the relaxed measures, the gym has closed its second-storey space to reduce traffic coming through its doors and has cut class duration from an hour to 45 minutes, to prevent users from intermingling between sessions.

Users must leave the premises within 10 minutes after a class ends, and those attending the next session are allowed to enter the gym only five minutes before class, to discourage loitering.

Actualize co-owner and coach Cassandra Lau, 28, said: "Keeping our classes at a small and manageable scale for the time being gives us time to adjust to meet the Government's standards while keeping us flexible should we see another tightening of measures."

Actor Nicholas Bloodworth, 36, is happy to see the caution taken by the gym. He said: "This gym has been very responsible, going above and beyond the safety requirements. They have done more than anywhere else I've seen."

Like many gymgoers, he is hoping for a return to normality, adding: "It's great to be able to work out with more people. We're all social creatures, and it's much more motivating when working out in a larger group."

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