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News Feature: Singapore Gyms Diversify to Ride Out Pandemic Restrictions

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

While relief measures have been a welcome announcement for gyms and fitness studios islandwide, these businesses are adapting their business model in their battle to stay afloat.

The Straits Times interviews us at Actualize CrossFit, along with a few other gyms on our response to the ever-changing landscape of the fitness industry during these uncertain times.

“Exercise is Medicine, Fitness is Self-Defense.”

We are thankful that we have a government with astute foresight to provide financial relief where other countries might have fallen short. But to go a step further, we want to come to a point where society understands we are not just another “business” or part of the economy, but an industry that through its services, can truly optimise every individual’s health and immunity to be resilient and battle this virus.

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