Stay the course through Phase 2

We are in Phase 2 of the Circuit  Breaker, where we have the privilege to open our doors to all of you. Let's continue to stay vigilant and play our part to be socially responsible as we move forward through Phase 2.


“Social distancing is the single most important thing we can do for ourselves and the community at this moment. It’s not about us getting sick, as we are predominantly a young, healthy and fit community. We will not be greatly affected personally by the virus other than cold or flu like symptoms. But you can still carry it. That is the part we are trying to avoid.”


Helping you become the best version of yourself.

Everyone who has heard of CrossFit has their own impression on what it delivers in terms of health and fitness. With so many different CrossFit boxes out there, we know that picking the right gym is an important decision.

No matter what your fitness goals may be, Actualize CrossFit will have something just for you.